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A lot of people think that it`s too complicated to make an order. But not with us! To get our help you need to register and then fill in the order form. There are a few simple questions in this form but they are very important for making your order in a proper way. You are supposed to write the type of assignment, its topic, size, some specifications and mention deadline. If you have some additional materials to be compulsory used in your assignment, you can attach the files.

We also appreciate some additional notes of yours. Our writers always try to make each order more personalized and your own ideas will surely help them.

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After you have completed an order form, you will be asked to pay for the order. You can choose the most convenient way of payment, PayPal or credit card is available.

When the payment is confirmed, we look for an expert for you. All of our writers are experienced enough to deal with all kinds of assignments, the searching depends only on the deadline you`ve mentioned. When you get your personal writer, you get a notification about it. There`s a useful function in our service, you can chat online with a chosen writer. You are always welcome to tell more about your own ideas concerning the writing task. Moreover, you can watch the whole process of creation of your order. If you don`t have time to chat or just don`t have such a desire, you can be free to go and do your own business.

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When our professionals get a new order, they gather necessary information, learn more on the given topic. They look for appropriate materials using only accurate recourses. Then they start working on your order, using their creative way of thinking and writing techniques. Each order doesn`t look like others because writers insert in each of it a bit of something new and interesting. Our professionals follow all the academic standards and requirements. After the work of writers is done, our linguists check the assignments and proofread them to make sure that everything is on the highest level.

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When the order is well-formatted and done in the perfect way, it is sent to a customer via email, or each client can find the written assignment on our website. A customer should check the order and confirm the receiving.

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If there are some misunderstandings in the order, we are always open to our clients. They can contact us and ask for free revision and checking.

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