For many freshmen it is very anxious to leave their home for the first time and face some new changes and challenges. It is quite natural to feel yourself unconfident during your first week in a college. But, you should be very happy, as you have applied to your desired educational institution successfully!

It is a new path in your life, full of wonderful opportunities for your future career. These exciting times will bring you the unforgettable moments and a lot of fun. However, student`s life is not without some annoyances and stresses. Here are some tips for those, who want to make their first time at the university easier.

Don`t be afraid to join a society and socialize

It is very important for the first year students to engage with new people. Take an interest in people, converse a lot, and just make new friends. Your university can definitely offer a lot of various societies and clubs, where students can develop themselves. So, don`t lose the chance to meet the other students and feel yourself the true part of the student community. Socialize actively!

Overcome your homesickness

It is quite natural for many students to feel homesick. You can easily become homesick, when you have some worries about your money and studying or when you are under the stress from much work. You should remember that you can always visit and phone your relatives. Familiarize yourself with your new home and the other students. They are in the same situation as you. The best way-out is to balance your interaction with the people around you and your family. Stay happy and productive!

Attend all available inductions

You will definitely attend various induction lectures and seminars. The university authorities provide such arrangements in order to help the freshmen to become acquainted with new academic environment. It is very important to write down all the important information, such as course term dates, deadlines, library opening hours, and tutors` contacts. You will find out everything about the university work and its student life.

Control your bank balance

A lot of students find some difficulties with their money during the first weeks of their studies. Don`t let going out consume you. Of course, you want to go out or participate in some chargeable student activities, but be very careful, spending your money. Plan your budget properly. Don`t forget about the most necessary purchases.

Don`t leave all your assignments until the last minute

It is very important for the student to do everything in good season and manage the time properly. The deadlines can sometimes confuse you, but you should complete your every task as soon as possible. Moreover, such strategy is very essential, as then you will be able to have more free time for your favorite activities. You won`t just catch yourself thinking about that essay, which you should have started few weeks ago.

Don`t be afraid to ask for help

Don`t be afraid to ask for the additional explanations, in case you don`t understand something or have some doubts. It won`t definitely make you look stupid. Tutors are often willing to help students, who are really interested in some issues. Make sure, that you exactly what to do and how to do it.

Bond with your roommates

Of course, you can be the completely different people, but it is essential to make friends with your roommates. You will be together with these people almost 24/7. Moreover, you will share a lot of things. Just respect each other and be polite.

Keep the supporting documents close by

Don`t forget about your visa, passport, and other important documents, if you are the international student. You can be asked to show all this papers.

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