The number of international students, coming to Great Britain for education, is growing each year. This can also be proved by the fact that UK has the second place in the world in regard to the amount of students coming to this country to study (the USA take the first place). The UK has a long-lasting experience with respect to how to welcome the students and to provide them with all the necessary things in life they require.

London always attracts students to come here for the proper education and to stay in the city further after obtaining degree.

As in modern world a pocket device is an indispensable part of any student’ life, it is very helpful to have beneficial applications that can come to your aid anytime and anywhere. You never know when you can be in such a situation, when you need some help or a trustful assistant. And an appropriate application can be such an assistant for you. So, below you can find 5 applications that can help every student to better assimilate and get used to London and its features.


This application is widely known for millions of students all over the world, being one the most claimed applications in regard to taxi hiring. It is very useful, as you can order a taxi any time from any place. One of its most favorable features is that you can track the location of the driver and to know other exact data concerning your drive. As in London it is often not so easy to get a taxi in time when it is so needed, Uber can be a “flotation ring” for you in this case. By using this app you accumulate the points and by having nice reputation you can ease your future trips with Uber that is quite useful.

Tube Map London Underground

Undoubtedly, use of underground in London is one of the most frequent and useful ways to travel around the city. That is why this application will be very helpful for you too, providing you with the possible underground information. It has live updates, real-time route finding and trip planning features. The board of arrivals and departures is very informative and will give you all you should know.


This app can offer a student the information on drinks and food discounts in London. No doubt that it is very useful to know how to save your money for other things and also to have a good snack, especially for a student to gain strength for future academic assignments. For such cases this application is just what you need. It is very easy to use and you even can find some lesser known places with nice food and drinks in London.

London’s Best Coffee

You never know when you can feel the need to fulfill your energy for further activities during the day. And one of the best ways to get strength for that is by drinking tasteful and invigorating cup of coffee. And if you are a coffee lover, the London’s Best Coffee application is what you will definitely love. It informs you about hundreds of independent cafes in the city with reviews, images and all the needed information. The map in this app is very informative and will lead you to the very place where you can get your reward by means of a fresh and fragrant coffee.

Time Out London

It is really great app for any student, as it can help you find the best way to spend your time in London at any time and any place. It unfolds for you the best things and activities you can have in the city. The app includes a trip planner and the guidelines on travels that will definitely direct you in the best way to find what you need.

With these applications your device will definitely become the best guide and also an assistant in time management and things arrangement. As London is a large city with a big amount of things to do, the apps will help you find your way in all these streams of business and entertainment.

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