Unfortunately, almost each person, from time to time, faces the problem of healthy life way and health conditions. Sometimes a person comes across this question due to modern and popular things such as diets, fitness, yoga or rational nutrition. These things are widely propagated lately and have a lot of the followers, who want to have a beautiful, healthy body and slow down the ageing processes.

Perhaps you have a lot of friends, who do not imagine their lives without the things of such sort. Also there are situations, when the health and wellbeing of the person become worse. It can be caused by bad habits, sedentary job or other factors, which can even result in illnesses.

It does not matter how you made a decision to improve your health, the main point is that you are on the right way. Though, this way is not so easy and simple, as wished it to be. Besides, if you are a newcomer in this sphere and feel that it will be a challenge for you, start with a little. We recommend to start with small, even unnoticeable activities, which can bring first improvements and results.

1. Sleep 8-10 hours

Actually, the duration of your sleeping at night is very important. Do not ignore the recommendation to sleep 8-10 hours, which you already have heard for a thousand of times. The health 8-hours sleep is essentially important factor, which determines your internal and external state, and can become your first small but confident step towards the healthy life.

2. Cook mostly home

We know that you are so busy with your job, lectures attendance or custom writing. However, cooking at home is very useful habit that decreases harmful influence of the food on your organisms. Cooking at home, you can make a healthy menu and eat more proteins, fiber, vitamins and reduce starches.

3. Have a run at least once a week

Running in the tempo, which suits you, is one of the best ways to start your sport activities. Indeed, it is better to have jogging every day. But if you are running out of time or consider that it is difficult for you, start with one run per week. Just select a day and make yourself do it.

4. Choose the sport you want to try

Even if you feel that you are not ready to occupy yourself with some kind of sports, think what is interesting for you. Watch videos, read, consider your needs and preferences and make your decision.

5. Have long walks

If running can be considered by you as a torture, than our next recommendation is less exhausting, but still very useful. Walk with friends, talk, breathe fresh air and especially it is great to do after your meals.

6. Avoid fried food

Give preference to baked or grilled food instead of fried. Be sure, it is even much more delicious and useful that junk fried meet or vegetables. When you bake or cook on grill there is less or no oil and fat at all and it has a real difference for your wellbeing.

7. Buy fresh vegetables

If you have a choice between frozen, canned and fresh vegetables, fruits or berries, always select fresh ones. They contain no preservation agents and the maximal set of useful vitamins and microelements.

8. Select whole grain bread and pastas

It is difficult to imagine breakfast without delicious bun with the strawberry jam or refuse the knack bread in the bakery. If it is complicated for you to reduce the consumption of such products, buy the bread and pastas made with the whole-wheat flour, it tastes well and is healthy.

9. Take a nap instead of caffeine

If for some reason you feel tired and want to sleep, listen to your body and do that. A short nap will refresh you and enable you to perform other daily activities. Filling your body with caffeine impacts your heart and makes no good for your health.

10.Be optimistic

Your thoughts determine your health condition greatly, since our mental and physical parts are correlated. Smile, make jokes, listen to music, think about nice things – it is another successful step to a healthy and happy life!

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